Salad bar

Fresh and mixed salads with dressing, different types of oil, seeds, and dried fruit

Cold starters

Marinated root vegetables, with guacamole, hummus, tortillas and sweet potato chips

Smoked and marinated fish bites (salmon, trout, mackerel, herring) with wasabi and pink ginger

Chicken breast with beet-pepper jam, arugula, and candied walnuts

Argentine beef sirloin with tabbouleh, home-made whole seed mustard, and black radishes

Suckling pork belly with onions and tomato tartare

Stuffed vine leaves, peppers filled with soft cheese, pickled mushrooms, and capers

Hungarian and artisan cheeses with grapes, dates, and figs


Pumpkin cream soup with mandarin oranges, pumpkin seed oil, and toasted pumpkin seeds

Wild game consommé with sherry, crispy vegetables, and ravioli

Main courses

Wild salmon slices with citrus-champagne sauce, vegetable grass, and wild rice confetti

Farm pullet breast with peppered sweet potatoes, chestnuts, and albufeira sauce

Skin-on tender pork leg cooked in beer, served with braised beets and potato casserole

Rusty beef meatloaf with wild mushrooms, Cabernet jus, and onion-crumbs

Veal paprikash and cheese curd – noodle roll with crisp-fried skin

Spiced tofu and gomolya cheese bites over beets roasted in chestnut honey, with greens fried in olive oil

Grilled multi-colour vegetables with savoury grasses and cashews

Dried tomato farfalle, with olives and parmesan


Desserts and mini cakes from our confectionery

Lactose and gluten-free cakes

Fresh sliced and candied fruits

Floating islands with caramel whip and golden raisins

Apple-walnut, and poppy seed-cherry strudel with vanilla sauce

Chestnut variations with white and dark chocolate and tonka beans

Chocolate and wild berry cream desserts

After midnight menu

Sauerkraut soup with pig’s knuckle, suckling pig, and sausage

Lentils with roasted pork ribs

New Year’s roast suckling pig with champagne-braised cabbage and potato hash

Cocktail and grill sausages with home-made mustard and horseradish sauce

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