Goose breast carpaccio with wasabi

Venison ham with arugula, pomegranates, scallops, and salmon caviar

Wild game consommé with sherry, crisp vegetables, and ravioli

Salmon fillet with walnut – blue cheese sauce and spinach noodles

Saddle of wild boar with pumpkin – poppy seed soufflé, chestnuts, and wild berries

Dessert platter: Gellért chocolate roll, white chocolate – mascarpone wheel, and raspberry macaroons

After midnight menu

Sauerkraut soup with pig’s knuckle, suckling pig, and sausage

Lentils with roasted pork ribs

New Year’s roast suckling pig with champagne-braised cabbage and potato hash

Cocktail and grill sausages with home-made mustard and horseradish sauce

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